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Project portfolio management is challenging

The failure rate of Project Management Offices (PMO’s) is staggeringly high. This is why if your organization is new to portfolio management, you can benefit the most from Acuity PPM services to help get your PMO and PPM processes off to the right start.

75% of PMO’s fail within 3 years (Forrester)

70% of strategic initiatives fail to meet their objectives (Kotter)

80% of Project Management Offices (PMO’s) are level 1 or level 2 maturity (Gartner)

Acuity PPM Services

Setting up a PMO with portfolio management processes is only the first leg of a long journey.

We know PMO Directors are under pressure to demonstrate the value of the PMO. Based on over a decade of PPM and PMO work with numerous Fortune 500 companies, Acuity PPM’s vision is “software with services” to help you and your team be successful with project portfolio management.

Tap into our PMO and PPM services to get the expert help you need in order to raise the value of your PMO and deliver greater strategic value to your company.

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Portfolio Maturity Assessment and Improvement Roadmap

Measuring your organization’s portfolio maturity is critical for the long-term success of strategic portfolio management. Organizations that do not periodically assess their maturity and progress toward maturity goals will fail to realize the benefits of project portfolio management. Acuity PPM can assess your organization’s current portfolio management maturity, identify gaps and provide recommendations, and create a future-state roadmap that is right-sized for your organization.

Maturity Assessment
Scoring Model Summary

Design and Build Your Prioritization Scoring Model

Evaluating project value is an essential component of project portfolio management. This helps senior leadership select the right projects and prioritize projects, but building the right scoring model that takes into account unique criteria for your organization is not easy. Get expert help defining your scoring model, prioritizing the criteria, and testing it out with real project data.

Software Implementation and Training

Get the most out of Acuity PPM from the beginning by getting implementation support. We’ll help you get your portfolio data set up properly configure custom fields and settings for you. We’ll provide training to your team to make sure you get quick value from Acuity PPM.

Portfolio Management Training

Portfolio Management Training

Does your organization need basic or extensive training on project portfolio management (PPM)? We can deliver a 1-2 day portfolio management master class. Acuity PPM works with graduate programs from around the country to deliver portfolio management simulations; we can run our simulation as part of the training. Contact us so we can discuss the particular training needs of your organization.

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