Why Acuity PPM?

Going Digital Has Never Been More Important

In our current environment, senior leaders cannot rely on hallway conversations to get project information. Senior leaders need a “single source of truth” they can turn to. Organizations are under more pressure now and don’t have time to waste dealing with spreadsheets to manage the portfolio.

Designed For New PMO's

Your teams and sponsors expect intuitive and easy-to-use software. Acuity PPM’s lightweight software is perfect for newer project management offices (PMOs). Be careful investing in traditional PPM software that users say “has a clunky outdated UI” or “is difficult to learn and use”. Customers love our clean and modern interface which also improves user adoption.

Low Risk - Quick Value

Acuity PPM delivers full transparency across all your projects. Our intuitive interface quickly communicates the real value that your PMO is delivering. Our lightweight PPM software reduces complexity, increases user adoption, making it a low-risk solution compared to traditional software.

Built Based on Experience

We’re not just a software company, we have years of first-hand experience in portfolio management including consulting with many Fortune 500 companies. We know what works.

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This is What Beautiful PPM Software Looks Like

Acuity PPM is not project management software. Rather, it blends project tracking and portfolio management into one intuitive interface.

PPM Software Features

Not Too Much, Not Too Little, But Just Right

Acuity PPM was designed so that newer PMOs would have just the right tools to be successful from day 1.

Project Tracking

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Acuity PPM becomes your “single source of truth” of key project information to simplify the reporting process and ensures higher quality data and reporting.

Analytics / Reporting

Reporting is a critical capability of a good portfolio management system. Acuity PPM provides a set of basic portfolio-level dashboards, metrics, and analytics as well as integration with data visualization tools.

Project Status Report

For some organizations, status reports are the bane of their existence. With Acuity PPM, status reports become useful conversation starters with Senior Managers.

Prioritization and Project Scoring

Acuity PPM makes it easy to prioritize projects by evaluating the risk and value of each project with our custom scoring model, risk-value bubble chart, and portfolio risk gauge.

Strategic Roadmaps

Strategic roadmaps support strategic planning and help Senior Managers visualize the timing and sequencing of projects to identify dependencies and avoid organizational conflicts.

Work Intake

A winning portfolio requires winning projects. Our Work Intake module makes it easier for your organization to capture new projects requests and bring them through a governance process to ensure you are doing the right projects.