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Imagine a work environment where teams are working together, accomplishing strategic goals, and staying ahead of the competition - with less overtime and stress. It sounds great, but without holistic solutions, it is not possible.

Everyone wants to work in such an environment and be on the winning team. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to build a high-performing project organization that consistently accomplishes strategic goals. It’s especially difficult when your teams are juggling too many projects and you are in too many meetings and under constant pressure to deliver value to your organization today. Outside help is often needed to make it all come together. Most companies don’t have enough internal expertise around project and portfolio management or not enough available people to build a great project organization.

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Our Story

Not long ago, Senior IT leaders from a Fortune 500 company purchased complex portfolio management software with the hopes of understanding resource capacity and utilization to improve project success. They thought the software would answer their questions.

Once the software was implemented, senior leadership did not realize how much work it took to get good data and questioned the data that did exist. There was inadequate internal support to make the implementation successful, and the vendor was unable to provide good direction on how best to manage resources. Furthermore, user adoption was poor because end users hated the software since it was hard to navigate and required a lot of effort to use. After flushing a million dollars down the drain, they gave up on the software and eventually disbanded their PMO.

This is not an isolated incident. We’ve seen this story play out numerous times. In most cases, it’s all avoidable. We hate to see companies waste their time and money, lower morale, and fail to accomplish strategic goals. That’s why we exist, to help you build an enduring project organization that delivers real value.

Software with Services

We live in a digital world, and organizations need great digital solutions. Most software companies just provide software and maybe a little consulting help on the side. That’s not good enough.

Our focus is to provide you holistic solutions that include:

  • Great PMO software from Acuity PPM that is easy to use (and free to get started).
  • Expert consultants who not only understand project and portfolio management but can navigate cultural challenges and lead people through the change process.
  • Talented and vetted project team members to fill in resource gaps on your project teams.

Get started today because your team will love our software with services and you’ll love the results.

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