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Why Lightweight PPM Software is Important

We live in a digital age and PMO’s have a greater need for high quality project data to make better strategic decisions. General purpose tools can result in intolerable levels of inefficiency for most organizations. New PMO’s that utilize spreadsheets and other tools to track their portfolio can spend hours reconciling data from multiple sources in order to create even basic portfolio reports. The sad reality is that data from spreadsheets and disparate tools are static and often out-of-date by the time the information is reported to senior leadership.

Lightweight PPM software enables real-time reporting; improved visibility to the portfolio can result in eliminating redundant and low-value projects. Greater data integrity also means that teams will spend less time cleaning data and more time analyzing data. All of this translates into the strategic agility that organizations need to make better decisions and accomplish strategic goals.

Why Acuity PPM Software?

Acuity PPM is ideal for new PMO’s and other project teams new to project portfolio management.

Better Than Spreadsheets

Let’s face it – spreadsheets are tedious and it's difficult to keep data in sync. Our cloud solution is your “single source of truth”

Reduce Risk

Too many companies fail with “traditional” PPM solutions that are complex and hard to use. Users love our clean interface which improves adoption.

Make Quick Progress

With years of PPM experience with the Fortune 500, our “software with services” can help jumpstart your PMO and deliver value quickly.

Designed for New PMO's

Acuity PPM was designed to help a new project management office (PMO) launch and adopt portfolio management practices quickly and easily.

Pay for What You Need

Our modular approach lets you add functionality when you need it, which means it grows with you (and reduces complexity and increases user adoption).

Lightning Fast Implementation

Our implementations are measure in days, not weeks or months, so that you can get strategic insights immediately.

PPM Software Modules

We offer three different software modules to align to your organization’s current needs:

  1. PPM STARTER: replaces spreadsheets so you can track your portfolio in the cloud for maximum visibility. Centralize project status reports and utilize portfolio timelines to view strategic roadmaps.
  2. PPM ESSENTIALS: helps you build a scoring model to evaluate project value and risk. Rank your projects and visualize the portfolio in a risk-value bubble chart. Our dashboard also displays portfolio risk.
  3. PPM PLUS: advances your portfolio by adding Work Intake functionality. Easily capture new requests and get them reviewed and approved faster by senior leaders. Stay organized with incoming project requests.
PPM Starter

Traditional PPM software is too complex for most teams. Only elite Project Management Offices (PMO’s) need expensive and advanced software to manage their project portfolio. For most organizations, Acuity PPM’s lightweight portfolio management software is the ideal balance of usability and functionality by blending project tracking and portfolio management into one intuitive interface.

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Portfolio Tracking

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Acuity PPM becomes your “single source of truth” of key project information to simplify the reporting process. Acuity PPM Fundamentals replaces spreadsheets and enables you to manage your portfolio in the cloud so that senior leaders have centralized visibility of key initiatives. Check out this video on how Acuity PPM can help you track your portfolio.

Portfolio Tracking - Acuity PPM
Status Report - Acuity PPM

Project Status

For some organizations, status reports are the bane of their existence. With Acuity PPM, status reports become useful conversation starters with Senior Managers. Acuity PPM Fundamentals replaces presentation software, centralizes status reports, and provides status history across the portfolio. Check out this video on how Acuity PPM centralizes your status reports.

Portfolio Roadmap

Roadmaps support strategic planning and help leadership visualize the timing and sequencing of projects to identify dependencies and avoid organizational conflicts. Zoom out to gain strategic visibility of projects in the portfolio. Zoom in to get a tactical view of key projects with their upcoming milestones to better manage your portfolio. Check out this video on how to build beautiful strategic roadmaps in Acuity PPM.

Portfolio Roadmap
PPM Essentials

Acuity PPM makes it easy to prioritize projects by evaluating the risk and value of each project with our custom scoring model, risk-value bubble chart, and portfolio risk gauge.

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Project Scoring - Acuity PPM
Risk-Value Bubble Chart Dashboard

Project Scoring and Prioritization

Senior leaders need a way to evaluate the relative value and risk of each project investment. Acuity PPM's scoring model makes it easy for you to evaluate projects, prioritize them, and view them in a risk-value bubble chart. Our portfolio risk gauge also helps you measure the level of portfolio risk.

PPM Plus

PPM Plus includes our Work Intake module to help your teams create new proposals and present them to leadership for review. Now you can track all proposals in one place and maintain historical metrics easily in one place. When combined with prioritization, your leadership teams can evaluate the merits and value of each proposal and get real-time analysis of how important each proposal is compared to your active portfolio. Once proposals are approved, they are automatically added to your project portfolio for visibility and tracking.

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Work Intake

Work Intake refers to the ability to create and manage new project requests. Successful Work Intake is one of the most important factors for successful portfolio management because you can control the amount of work and quality of work coming into the project portfolio. Check out this video to learn more about Work Intake functionality in Acuity PPM.