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Why Acuity PPM?

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We Make It Simple

Managing project portfolios with spreadsheets is problematic; traditional PPM software is too complex. Keep it simple. Acuity PPM software is intuitive and easy to use.

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Strong User Adoption

Acuity PPM’s intuitive interface results in strong user adoption which translates into higher data quality to help you make superior strategic decisions.

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Quick Implementation

Our implementations are measured in days, not weeks or months. “Acuity’s simplicity has contributed to a smooth implementation and strong adoption at all levels of the organization”

PPM Software Capabilities

“Acuity PPM provides rich functionality while maintaining a simple user interface and experience.”

Portfolio Tracking

Acuity PPM simplifies your reporting process by centralizing all status reports in one place. Get real-time reporting and improved visibility to the portfolio that results in eliminating redundant and low-value projects.

“I no longer need to deal with PowerPoint status reports, everything is in Acuity PPM”.

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Karina Popa

Popa & Associates

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Portfolio Roadmap

Roadmaps support strategic planning and help leadership visualize the timing and sequencing of projects to identify dependencies and avoid organizational conflicts. Zoom out to gain strategic visibility; zoom in to get a tactical view of key projects with their upcoming milestones to better manage your portfolio.

Project Scoring and Prioritization

Prioritization creates a “true north” for your organization. Senior leaders need to evaluate the relative value and risk of each project investment. Acuity PPM makes this easy with our configurable scoring model and risk-value bubble chart. Select the right projects and increase the value of your portfolio.

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Work Intake Best Practices

Work Intake

Work Intake is about creating and managing new project requests and is one of the most important factors for successful portfolio management. With Acuity PPM you can control the quality of work and select the right projects coming into the portfolio.

Resource Capacity Planning

Most organizations struggle with resource management. Acuity PPM makes it easy with our balanced approach to creating project level resource plans and viewing this information at the portfolio level. Improve your strategic execution with visibility of over-utilized resources in order to make better portfolio decisions.

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This is What Beautiful PPM Software Looks Like

Acuity PPM is not project management software. Rather, it blends project tracking and portfolio management into one intuitive interface.

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